Group Training Sessions with Sileo Pet Services!

Witness the remarkable transformation as your pet sharpens their skills in just six weeks!

At a competitive price of $525, your furry friend will be immersed in six focused, hour-long sessions.

We’re excited to announce a special collaboration between Sileo Pet Services and The Posh Pooch, the distinguished grooming salon celebrated for its top-tier grooming and day care services in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The owner of Sileo Pet Services will personally be conducting the group dog training sessions at The Posh Pooch facility. Bringing a wealth of expertise and a fervent passion for pets, our aim is to deliver a comprehensive training experience that emphasizes not just skills, but also the invaluable bond between dogs and their owners.

Upcoming Classes:

Age: 14 weeks to 7 months
Highlights: Potty Training, Proper Lead Handling, Socialization Techniques, Crate Training, Positive Reinforcement.

Age: All ages
Highlights: Basic Commands, Jumping & the “Off” Command, “Heel” with clicker.

Prerequisite: Completion of Obedience Level 1 or previous obedience experience
Highlights: Advanced commands like “Place”, Recall Training, and “Heel” without the clicker.

Given the limited availability to ensure dedicated attention for every participant, we encourage you to book your spot swiftly. Contact us at 973-939-5260 and seize this opportunity to foster exemplary behavior in your pet and solidify a bond like no other.

For further services, such as one-on-one training or in-home pet sitting, trust Sileo Pet Services. With unwavering commitment to professionalism, we stand by your pet’s growth and well-being every step of the way.

*Disclaimer: At Sileo Pet Services, the welfare of your pet is our top priority. We strictly adhere to the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) training techniques. We believe in positive reinforcement and gentle methods. Under our guidance, choke, prong, or shock collars will never be used. Your pet’s trust and safety are paramount to us.